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Our Hikes 

We have put together a menu of our best hikes. They are graded in three grades

Accessible for most people

The Medium fit person

Our over night Hikes

Mountain guide Lysefjord_edited.jpg
Mountain guide Lysefjord_edited.jpg
Spring Kjerag Mountain

Accessible for most people

The Kjerag short route 1110 MOH, Track 4-5Hrs

The Pulpit Rock Route 604 MOH, Track 3 Hrs

Månafossen and Mån the settlement 350moh Track 1,5 Hrs

turist skaret_edited.png

The Medium fit person

The Kjerag Long route including the Kjerag Peek 8 Hrs 12 Km and 2500 Meters climb

Flørli stairs 4444 steps includes a round trip 5 Hrs, 10km and 2000 Meters Climb 

Hilleknut round trip 7 Hrs, 13 Km and 1000 meters climb

Mountain guide Lysefjord.jpg
turist skaret ryfylkeheiene_edited.jpg

Our over night hikes

This is a customised event. We put together a Hike that suits your group and includes one ore several night partners mountain cabins. Here we create memories for life. 

the lodge_edited.jpg

After Hiking/Skiing

We offer you the best of the local food tradition, served in all our accommodations

sirdal hotell_edited.jpg
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